NT Users & earlier versions of the Microsoft® FSconv98 Flight Shop™ Converter ...

Microsoft® have released a later version of the above converter due to some problems occurring with NT systems.

The converter was updated on December 2nd, 1997. This was to fix a problem sometimes experienced by NT users. If you use Windows NT & downloaded this converter before December 2nd, 1997, please download the new version of Fsconv98.exe.

If you have previously installed the converter on a Windows NT operating system & are experiencing problems, the directions for the fix are as follows.

To fix an NT system that has been damaged by the installation of the Flight Shop™ Converter for Flight Simulator™ 98

1. Locate your Windows NT 4.0 CDROM & place it in your CDROM drive.

2. Start a Command Prompt session (START | Programs | Command Prompt).

3. Place yourself on the system drive ( C:[ENTER] - replace C: with an appropriate value for your system if you did not use the default install location)

4. Change directories to your NT system directory (CD \WINNT\SYSTEM32[ENTER] - replace the \WINNT with an appropriate value for your system if you did not use the default install location)

5. Expand the following files from your NT CDROM (X: should be replaced with your CDROM drive letter):


6. Delete the w95*.dll files (del w95*.dll [ENTER])

7. Reboot your machine

Microsoft® apologises for any inconvenience this may have caused their NT using customers.


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