Flight Simulator ™ 'Classic' V6.0 (Flight Simulator for Windows 95) ONLY ...

Problem: Australia Scenery cannot be installed due to the installation routine not being able to locate your prior installation of the 'Flight Shop Converter' (even though you have already successfully installed the 'Flight Shop Converter').

Reason: Default directory for the installation of Australia Scenery may be different to where 'Flight Simulator' and the 'Flight Shop Converter' is located.

Background: It seems that Microsoft may have changed their default directory for the  installation from C:\Program Files\Microsoft Games\Flight Simulator to C:\Program Files\Microsoft Games\FS95. This appears to have been done specifically for the release of the 'Classic' version of the original Flight Simulator (V6.0) for Windows 95.

Fix: During the installation of the 'Australia Scenery', you are asked to 'Select Destination Directory'. Click on browse, select your appropriate hard drive and browse to where your Flight Simulator has been installed. The installation automatically adds \Flight Simulator to the end of your chosen path. Place the cursor in the directory name field, at the far right hand end & delete or backspace the last two \Flight Simulator directory names. Make sure that the \Flight Simulator directory name does not appear at all now. Make sure that the last directory in the path is now \FS95 instead. Click on OK & confirm the directory shown now, is correct: if you used the default Microsoft directory when you installed your Flight Simulator, this line should now read C:\Program Files\Microsoft Games\FS95. If the wrong directory is shown, you may click on browse again to correct it. You should now be able to proceed successfully with the installation of your Australia Scenery Vol.2 package.


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