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Australia Scenery Vol.1, Vol.2 & Special Edition '98 were only designed for Flight Simulator™ 98 and prior versions. Several scenery confliction problems would arise if you attempted to operate those packages with Flight Simulator 2002. Although it may be possible to copy and paste selected .bgl scenery files to use with Flight Simulator 2002, this is not recommended unless you have an intricate knowledge of the software packages & Flight Simulator™. Unfortunately, we are not able to offer support on this, due to the basic conflictions likely with Flight Simulator 2002. Great news though ...

Flight Downunder 2002 is our add-on specifically designed for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2002 (and Microsoft Flight Simulator 2000). No technical support issues have yet been raised on this product (apart from the pause during installation, which is explained below). Please refer to your manual for a comprehensive guide to installation, operation and trouble shooting. Click here for sales information on this product. It is not compatible with Flight Simulator™ 98 and prior versions, however the Australian air traffic control background voicing modules can be successfully operated with Flight Simulator™ 98 please click here for more information regarding this. It is also not compatible with Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004, please see FAQ below).

New Microsoft FS2002 patches may become available from time to time, please click on the direct link to the Microsoft Flight Simulator 2002 website http://www.microsoft.com/games/fs2002/ for more information.

Frequently Asked Questions:

*Is FD2002 compatible with FS2004 or will there be a patch? - Unfortunately it is not compatible. There were some major software code changes in FS2004 which meant that some important features of FD2002 would no longer function. It is for this reason also, that an upgrade patch is unfortunately not possible either.

Pause during installation - If you choose the option to also install Adobe Acrobat Reader V5.0, there will be a long pause following its installation, before the Flight Downunder installation continues ... this is normal.

Adventures - The 'Australian ATC' adventure is not interactive, it provides genuine Australian air traffic control background voicing to any flight you wish to undertake. The many pre-programmed flights included in Flight Downunder 2002 are 'flights' & not 'adventures'. They provide pre-set realistic starting positions, pre-filed flight plans & pre-programmed GPS navigation. The pre-programmed flights in Flight Downunder 2002 are however, all fully interactive with the FS2002 ATC. The inclusion of course of 'dynamic scenery' is also one of the main realism features & this should not be confused with FS2002 AI traffic. These features are well covered in your FD2002 manual.

Scenery - Flight Downunder 2002's main components are 'dynamic scenery' (ie. other aircraft flying & taxying, plus selected other moving objects), the unique Australian air traffic control background voicing module & pre-programmed flights etc. Apart from the addition of some parked 'static' aircraft & of course the dynamic / moving aircraft that are a main feature of this package, no other static / regular scenery has been added. All of the specific airports for which dynamic scenery has been included, are listed on page 3 & 4 of the manual. Although FS2002 has several hundred Australian airports now included, we realise that whilst some have buildings & taxiways, some also lack these features. You may see conflicting aircraft from FD2002 dynamic scenery & FS2002 AI traffic. This issue & how to solve any associated undesired effects, is well covered in your FD2002 manual.

Throttle control for engines - For realism, all of the Flight Downunder 2002 'flights' position the aircraft with the engines shut down. Before being able to use the throttles to power up the engine/s, you will need to firstly auto-start the engines, by pressing CTRL E. If you find that your throttle is not controlling all engines, then press E immediately followed by the engine/s you wish to control (eg. E 2 for engine number 2 only), not using the numeric keypad. To control all engines simultaneously, press E 1 2 (or E 1 2 3 4 if you are flying a 4 engine aircraft).

Icon to execute program - Flight Downunder 2002 is add-on software for the Microsoft Flight Simulator 2002 (regular & professional editions). You do not execute it on its own and as such, you will not find an icon to execute the Flight Downunder 2002 software. All features are accessed from within the Microsoft Flight Simulator 2002 program. If you do not already own MicrosoftFlight Simulator 2002, it is certainly one of the best flight simulation packages on the market and can be purchased from your favourite software retailer. You will then be able to fully utilise the Australian Flight Downunder 2002 add-on software. Please note that this is also addressed in the system requirements on our website and on the Flight Downunder 2002 box.

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