Flight Downunder 2002 Upgrade ...

This upgrade is only applicable to current owners of Flight Downunder 2000 & Microsoft® Flight Simulator 2002.

The upgrade installation routine will search for the above components & it is essential that both are installed prior to running the upgrade. It is also highly recommended that Flight Downunder is installed with every Australian ATC module ticked, otherwise you will not have every module available to you from within Flight Simulator 2002.

For the purposes of running the Flight Downunder 2002 upgrade, it is ok to install your original Flight Downunder 2000 software into Flight Simulator 2002. Be sure though to pay particular attention to the possibility of doubling up on the last directory path (refer to the 3rd paragraph of the 'Installation' section on page one of your original Flight Downunder 2000 manual.

Once you receive the upgrade by eMail, take note of the password & it is recommended to save the attached upgrade file (fd2002ug.exe) to your hard drive before running it. You should also make a note of this hard drive location. To run the upgrade, simply double click on it from the hard drive location to which you saved it.

The new manual supplied with the upgrade is in .PDF format and will require Adobe® Acrobat Reader & this is available for download for free by clicking on this link ...


The manual can be found under the 'TIMG' program manager group. If selecting it does not start Acrobat Reader automatically, you will be asked to choose which program you'd like to use to open the file. You should choose Acrobat Reader (AcroRd32).

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