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Dance eJay will not run under Windows 3.x?

If Dance eJay will not run under Windows 3.x ('Bad file structure' or similar error message), then you may need to download & run the Dance_31.exe patch file (please contact for further information & patch download).

Is Dance eJay 2 available?

Unfortunately, The Interactive Multimedia Group will not be manufacturing or distributing Dance eJay 2 in Australia. We believe Dance eJay (1) to be still a very current product & it (Dance eJay 1) is readily available from TIMG via our secure order section, at a very competitive price.

How can I erase or rename imported samples from the wave group?

The easiest way is to erase or move them on hard disc. The next time the Dance eJay is started, the erased samples are not shown anymore. Since version 1.05 it is possible to rename or erase imported samples from the soundgroup wave with a click of the right mouse button on the sample.

Using the task board while Dance eJay is running (Win 95)

The task board is shown when you press CTRL & ESC. You can switch between already opened up programs by pressing ALT & TAB at the same time.

Is it possible to start the Dance eJay without the CD-ROM?

No, you always need the original CD-ROM for a program start. Only a part of the program is saved with the installation on hard disc.

Is it possible to transfer samples from the group wave into another soundgroup?

Since version 1.05 it is possible to transfer imported samples to sound groups other than wave by drag & drop. Just move the sample to the button of the new soundgroup.

What is the tempo of the Dance eJay?

The tempo of the Dance eJay is 140 bpm.

In which key are the samples produced?

All samples were recorded in 'A-minor'.

How can I keep an overview with such a lot of samples in the different sound groups?

Since Version 1.05 the samples in the sample window can be shown in several sortings:

Sorting none
Sorting alphabetical order
Sorting Harmonies
Sorting Length

The options are shown with a click on the right mouse button in the sample window.

Can a created song be burned on CD & played on a stereo system?

Yes, of course. First the song must be exported with the export function & saved on harddisk in wave format. Now this wave file can be burned on CD-R with a common CD-Burn program. Public distribution or broadcasting however is not permitted, please refer to the license agreement in the manual.

Are there new sounds (samples for the Dance eJay)?

To enlarge the sound archives, some extra sample sounds are available for download from the PXD website in Germany.

Although it is not envisaged at this time that any other eJay products will be manufactured & released in Australia, some other eJay products may be found on the 'Fasttrak' website in the UK, for overseas purchase.

Marking several samples.

By holding down the mouse button an area with several samples can be marked. Samples can be added or removed from this selection when shift is pressed.

How can I get the Dance eJay Version 1.05? (Only Germany & Netherlands, in all other countries the version 1.05 is already on the Dance eJay CD-ROM)

The Australian version is already V1.05 Also, the Dance eJay Update 1.05 is integrated in the overseas samplekits & is installed automatically when installing them.

What do the stars * mean, which are attached to some of the samples?

The number of the stars shows the tonality of the sample. All in all 4 different harmony patterns were used in the production of the samples. This means that a sample with ** usually does not fit with one with ****. Samples without stars are not affected by tonality.

What is the meaning of the letters L & R, which are attached to some of the samples?

Stereo samples are additionally marked with L for left & R for right. When such a pair of samples is put on track 7 & 8, they will be performed in stereo. In general Samples on track 7 are played back in the left speaker, samples on track 8 on the right speaker. Crazy stereo effects can be created this way. All other tracks are played back on both speakers.

Is the Dance eJay MIDI compatible?

To keep the high sound standard of the samples & the easy operation, we have not integrated MIDI functions in the Dance eJay.

How can I be sure that my own created samples harmonise with the Original Dance eJay samples?

The samples have to be recorded at a speed of 140 bpm & should be in 'A-minor' because this is the tone, in which all Dance eJay Samples are recorded. Samples with other speed & tone can usually be transformed with the help of according audio tools, for example Cool Edit (Shareware).

Need more than 8 tracks?

If for some reason you need more than 8 tracks, export your finished mix as a wave file & then import it again, & already you have additional 7 tracks to play with.

Which audio formats can I import in the Dance eJay?

Standard wave sound files in 8/16 Bit at a sampling rate of 11/22/44 kHz can be imported. Samples are exported as 44 kHz 16 Bit stereo file.

Can I convert Wave into PXD-Files or vice versa?

No, such a function is not integrated in the Dance eJay.

How can samples be placed between bars ( 16th notes)?

A sample can be moved by 16th notes when pressing 'CTRL' while moving the sample with the mouse.

The line, which moves over the mix, is not in the right beat / does not move at all. What shall I do?

The performance of your system is too low. In this case a minimal or full installation of the Dance eJay is recommended. The Setup can be taken from the program group "Dance eJay".


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