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To use the Australia scenery packs (Vol.1 & Vol.2) with 'Combat Flight Simulator', you must also have the 'Microsoft® Flight Simulator™ 98' CDROM. The following instructions explain how to configure your new software to use the Australia scenery. This only needs to be done once.

One extra advantage of this new setup is that you'll now be able to easily disable and re-enable the Australian scenery via the 'Scenery Library'. With 'Combat Flight Simulator' you can defend your favourite 'Australian Scenery' town or city using the 'Quick Combat' options!

Definitions: The following pertain to the set-up procedure below.

Set-up procedure:

  1. Both flight simulators should be installed before you proceed any further.
  2. If you haven't done so already, install the Australia scenery into your Microsoft® Flight Simulator™ 98, according to the instructions in the Australia scenery manual.
  3. Using your desktop explorer, locate your 'Flight Simulator' directory (where your FS98 resides). The most likely path will be \Program Files\Microsoft Games\. Create within it, a new folder. Rename it 'AusTIMG'. Now create within the 'AusTIMG' directory, 2 more new folders. Rename these 'Scenery' & 'Texture'.
  4. Locate the 'Scenery' directory within the 'Flight Simulator' root directory. Select all files that begin with 'Aus' (therefore 'Aus*.bgl') & MOVE these to the new \AusTIMG\Scenery\ directory that you just created.
  5. Locate the 'Texture' directory within the 'Flight Simulator' root directory. Select all files within the 'Texture' directory (CTRL A or via menu) & COPY them to the new \AusTIMG\Texture\ directory.
  6. Start 'Flight Simulator™ 98' & select 'World' then the 'Scenery Library' option. Click on OK to ignore the warning message.
  7. Select 'Files'.
  8. Click on 'Search'.
  9. Under the 'Scenery area type' select 'Local'. Tick 'Scenery area active'. Select the drive on which you have installed Microsoft® Flight Simulator™ 98 & click on 'Search Drive'. (continued overleaf ...)
  10. This scan will find all scenery paths & display them in the 'Scenery area file' field. Continue to click on 'Next Path' until you see the path \AusTIMG\Scenery\Aus*.bgl (refer to definition of the wildcard * above).
  11. In the 'Scenery area title' field, type 'Australian TIMG Scenery' & click on 'Close'.
  12. From the 'Scenery Areas' window, click 'OK'.
  13. From the Scenery Library' window, click 'OK'.
  14. Exit Microsoft® Flight Simulator™ 98

  15. The following instructions replace part of the 'Combat Flight Simulator' help file on importing scenery:

  16. Using your desktop explorer, again locate the 'Flight Simulator' directory (where your FS98 resides). Locate the 'Scenery' directory within the 'Flight Simulator' directory. Make a COPY of the file 'World.VIS' into this same directory. NB: There are a few files that start with 'World', make sure you copy specifically, the file named 'World.VIS'.
  17. Rename this file 'World1.VIS'. Now MOVE it to the 'Scenery' directory within the 'Combat Flight Simulator' directory.
  18. Start 'Combat Flight Simulator'. You are likely to notice a long delay after some menu selections within 'Combat Flight Simulator', while information is loaded. It is imperative that you remain patient with regard to this. Click 'Free Flight' & select any airport & 'Fly now' to begin a flight.
  19. On the 'World' menu, click 'Scenery Library'. When the warning appears, click OK (if you are in full screen mode, press the 'ALT' key to display the menu bar).
  20. In the 'Scenery Library' dialog box, select the 'FS98 World' entry in the list under 'Scenery Worlds'. Click OK & then quit 'Combat Flight Simulator'.
  21. Restart 'Combat Flight Simulator'. You should get a warning regarding the 'FLTSIM98 CD-* performance booster source directory not being found'. Remove the 'Combat Flight Simulator' CD & replace it with your 'FS98' CD. To avoid 'FS98' auto starting, be sure to hold the 'SHIFT' key down while inserting the 'FS98' CD, until 5 seconds after the busy light on your CDROM drive has stopped flashing & has turned off completely. Now click on 'RETRY'.
  22. To fly from an Australian airport, click either 'Free Flight' or 'Quick Combat' & select any airport (eg. Kingsford Smith Intl., which is Sydney's main airport) & 'Fly now' to begin flight.
  23. On the 'World' menu, click 'Go To'. Click on 'Airfield', 'Advanced Scenery', then select 'Scenery from 6.0 and before'.
  24. Select your preferred 'Australian Scenery' airfield and click OK.
  25. If it appears to be night, select the 'World' menu and then 'Time and Weather'. Ensure 'Day' is selected and click OK.

Now whenever you'd like to use the 'Australia Scenery' in your 'Combat Flight Simulator' all you need do is follow points 20 to 24 above.

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