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CD /
plus 10% GST for Australian orders, equals a total of:
Album Title:
MS101CD CD $15.56 $17.12 Mountain Serenity
MS101CSS Cass $10.51 $11.56 Mountain Serenity
MS102CD CD $15.56 $17.12 Desert Dreaming
MS102CSS Cass $10.51 $11.56 Desert Dreaming
SFCD CD $15.56 $17.12 Scot Finnie
SFCSS Cass $10.51 $11.56 Scot Finnie
CDLBM2069 CD $15.56 $17.12 The Great Ride
P401CDR CDROM $19.00 $20.90 Aust. Scenery Vol.1 Flight Sim *PRICE DROP
P402CDR CDROM $12.70 $13.97 Aust. Scenery Vol.2 Flight Sim *PRICE DROP
P450CDR CDROM $25.40 $27.94 Dance eJay *PRICE DROP
P407CDR CDROM $32.00 $35.20 Flight Downunder 2002

Recommended retail price (inclusive of GST):

CD's AU $29.50
Cassettes AU $19.50
Computer software:
Australia Scenery Vol.1 Flight Sim AU $29.95
Australia Scenery Vol.2 Flight Sim AU $19.95
Dance eJay AU $39.95
Flight Downunder 2002 AU $49.95

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