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Flight Downunder 2002   Flight Downunder 2002
The Complete Australian Experience Designed Exclusively for Microsoft® Flight Simulator 2002 (also compatible with FS2000, but not compatible with FS2004)
Completely interactive with FS2002 ATC & now includes bonus edited version of the Australian Aircraft Register! Fantastic airborne dynamic scenery for many Australian airports, adding dozens of other aircraft that actually fly while you do. Plus ... real air traffic control recorded live from all over Australia, pre-filed flight plans, pre-programmed GPS & lots of realistic passenger terminal departure points.
Flight Downunder 2002 Upgrade Patch Flight Downunder 2002 - Upgrade (non-boxed version & only via the internet)

Upgrades Flight Downunder 2000 to compatibility with Microsoft® Flight Simulator 2002. Updates existing flights for complete interactivity with FS2002 ATC, plus includes 4 new extra FS2002 flights & an updated manual.

Dance eJay - dance music creation software Dance eJay Make your own dance hit! * huge discount currently available!
Turns your PC into a hit factory! In an 8-track studio you produce tomorrow’s dance hits with ease - even without any musical knowledge or experience. Includes over 1300 original dance music samples. Unlimited possibilities & unlimited fun! Pumping basses, far out synthy sounds, kicking grooves & much more ...
Australia Scenery Vol.1 - flight simulator add-on Australia Scenery Vol.1 * new low price & FREE postage on this item -
Only jewel case versions
left in stock (plus separate complete manual,
official ERC HIGH map & now FREE postage)!

Scenery Enhancement for Microsoft® Flight Simulator™ 98,
Flight Simulator™ Classic & prior versions
Over 30 Australian airports in detail, complete with taxiways, aprons & terminal buildings. Test your flying skills with all the new scenery areas, even Ayers Rock & the Olgas! Designed for Microsoft® Flight Simulator™ V5.1, V6.0, Classic & can be ‘patch updated’ for FS98, this package also includes 20 fantastic voice assisted air traffic control adventures.
Australia Scenery Vol.2 - flight simulator add-on Australia Scenery Vol.2 * new super low price!
Scenery Enhancement for Microsoft® Flight Simulator™ 98,
Flight Simulator™ Classic & prior versions
Extra adventures, extra Australian airports including the major light aircraft aerodrome of each capital city, & more local scenery areas plus the new Olympic Park construction in Sydney. Amazing realism ... now includes real live Aussie air traffic control & pilot radio transmissions! Designed for Microsoft® Flight Simulator™ V5.1, V6.0, Classic & FS98, plus seamless integration with Australia Scenery Vol.1; also includes the ‘Vol.1 patch update’ for FS98.

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