Mountain Serenity CDby John Keech - Pianist, Song & Theme Writer
Born in Australia 1962.

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A very soothing album, it is slightly lighter in texture than its partner 'Desert Dreaming', yet both feature beautiful solo piano as well as deep rich & flowing orchestral movements. Comparing the lightness of 'Mountain Serenity' & the deepness of 'Desert Dreaming', would be similar to the comparison between morning & evening.

John began playing piano at age seven & entered the professional arena at age sixteen. A much loved background of cocktail piano, contracted music composition & arrangement, & studio recording engagements has allowed in a subtle way, for John to give pleasure to music lovers everywhere. Having entertained in places such as the exotic South Pacific, the coloured brushstrokes of our Australian cities through to the Australian snowfields with their pristine beauty, John has built a tremendous foundation of inspiration from which to draw.

Highly sought after & quite noticeable in both 'Mountain Serenity' & 'Desert Dreaming', is John's very special & unique style. It is a result of the combined inspirations gained over many years of influence from some of the world's greats: 'Elton John', 'Billy Joel', 'Supertramp' & 'Rachmaninov'.

Having written & recorded various tracks for Australian produced documentary series & for his ambient albums, John is an integral part of the Australian instrumental music scene.

John's thematic originals, both piano & orchestral, offer themselves perfectly to setting that 'special mood' or creating the perfect environment for peace & relaxation. His music is played directly from the heart, combining an expressive touch with deep & rich tonal improvisation.

Listeners of all ages will enjoy John's music time & time again.

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