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'Flight Downunder 2002' - Upgrade

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bulletAutomatically upgrades Flight Downunder 2000 to Flight Downunder 2002 (for compatibility with Microsoft® Flight Simulator 2002).
bulletThis is a special discounted upgrade, only available as a non-boxed version, to existing Flight Downunder 2000 customers (ie, Flight Downunder 2000 must be fully installed, for the upgrade to function).
bulletUpdates existing flights for complete interactivity with Microsoft® Flight Simulator 2002 ATC.
bulletAutomatically locates & performs all required file transfers.
bulletNew extra FS2002 flights included for B747-400, Cessna C172, Cessna C208 Grand Caravan & BE58 Baron (C208 & BE58 require Microsoft® Flight Simulator 2002 Professional Edition).
bulletIncludes new FD2002 Upgrade Manual (in .PDF format).


Upon placing your order via our secure online ordering section (or downloading a fax / post order form), your order will be processed & dispatched to you via eMail. You should receive the eMail within 24 to 72 hours of us receiving your order. The upgrade can only be sent to you via eMail & is not available as a boxed version. Naturally then, it is unfortunately not possible to send via post. Please ensure that you double check your eMail address when submitting your order, thank you.


bulletThe upgrade will search for & requires Flight Downunder 2000 to be already fully installed.
bulletYour original Flight Downunder 2000 CD is required to be in your CDROM drive during the upgrade.
bulletMust already have Microsoft® Flight Simulator 2002 Standard or Professional Edition (this upgrade is not applicable if you only have Microsoft® Flight Simulator 2000).
bulletAdobe® Acrobat® Reader® (available free) is required to read the .PDF version of the new manual.


Product code: P407UG
Cost: AU$ 9.90 (incl. GST in Australia) - freight NOT applicable

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the upgrade must be deliverable via eMail)
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What can I do now, while I'm waiting for my upgrade to be eMailed to me?

Prior to installation of the upgrade, you must ensure that the following items have been attended to:

  1. Microsoft® Flight Simulator 2002 must be installed first.
  2. It is preferable but not essential, for Adobe® Acrobat® Reader® to be installed prior to running the Flight Downunder upgrade. The latest version can be downloaded for free from www.adobe.com/products/acrobat/readstep.html (it is only required to read this upgrade manual).
  3. Flight Downunder 2000 must already be fully installed, this includes having every ATC Voice Module ticked. It is preferable to have it installed to your Microsoft® Flight Simulator 2002 directory, but not essential. If you have made any edits, name changes or deletions of existing Flight Downunder 2000 files, then the upgrade will not function properly. If you have Adobe® Acrobat® Reader® installed, a copy of this .PDF manual will be available for easy viewing from within the TIMG program manager group. In any case, the manual will be installed to your Microsoft® Flight Simulator 2002 directory.
  4. Your original Flight Downunder 2000 CD must be present in your CDROM drive, prior to running the upgrade. If you have multiple CDROM drives, you will need the FD2000 CD in the drive or burner with the lowest drive letter, as the upgrade only searches for the first CD drive.


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