Flight Downunder 2002

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~ Flight Downunder 2002 ~
The Complete Australian Experience
Designed Exclusively for
Microsoft® Flight Simulator 2002

(also compatible with FS2000,
but not compatible with FS2004)

If you already own Flight Downunder 2000 & have since purchased Microsoft® Flight Simulator 2002,
then a low cost non-boxed upgrade version, is also available.

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bulletSpecially updated and now fully interactive with the new FS2002 synthetic ATC feature.
bulletLots of intercity & regional flight plans calculated & pre-filed for you,.complete with pre-programmed GPS satellite navigation.
bulletNew FS2002 flights now included for B747-400, Cessna C172, Cessna C208 Grand Caravan & BE58 Baron (C208 & BE58 require Microsoft® Flight Simulator 2002 Professional Edition).
bulletAlso includes a special military charter flight in a B777, from Darwin to Dili in East Timor.


bulletReal air traffic control & flight service recorded live from control towers all over Australia.
bulletSpecially updated & converted for ‘Flight Simulator 2002’ & 'Flight simulator 2000'.
bulletAdd amazing realism with 55 location specific voice modules including over 1,000 ATC & pilot voice files, which can be used on any Australian flight.


bulletDynamic scenery for over 30 Australian airports, adding dozens of other aircraft that actually fly while you do. In FS2002, choose between AI traffic & FD2002 dynamic scenery.
bulletYou’ll be in amongst the action while they take-off, land or taxi to & from the passenger terminals or parking areas.
bulletIncludes lots of passenger & executive jets, light aircraft, helicopters, military fighter jets & even the occasional fuel truck or brightly coloured racing yacht!
bulletTest your skills flying along side some of the airborne dynamic scenery included in this fantastic software pack. Experience the exhilaration as you are suddenly overflown by a jet fighter, or pass by another aircraft on your approach or departure.
bulletAs well as Australia, we’ve added bonus dynamic scenery for Christchurch, New Zealand. Now you can captain your own international flight across the Tasman, arriving over the spectacular perhaps snow covered south island ski fields. Make your approach and landing to a busy winter Christchurch International airport, sequencing your airliner in amongst the other passenger jets.


bulletDozens of pre-set ‘ready to go’ aircraft starting positions for right around Australia.
bulletYou’re parked at the passenger terminal (where available) with the engines shutdown. Your co-pilot has already lodged the flight plan, tuned in the radios and set up the other instruments.
bulletAll you have to do is jump into the hot seat, experience the super realistic whine of the engines starting, listen out for the genuine Australian air traffic controllers (or FS2002 ATC) & taxi out to adventure!


Screen shots


Airports for which Dynamic Scenery is included ...

Adelaide Albury Alice Springs Amberley Archerfield
Bankstown Bathurst Bendigo Brisbane Cairns
Canberra Christchurch, New Zealand Coolangatta Darwin Essendon
Hamilton Island Hobart Hobart / Cambridge Jandakot Kalgoorlie / Boulder
Launceston Maroochydore Melbourne Moorabbin Parafield
Perth Rockhampton Sydney Tamworth Tindal
Townsville Williamtown - - -

Pre-filed Flight Plans - Pre-programmed GPS &
Passenger Terminal Departure Points ...

B737 - Sydney to Melbourne B737 - Sydney to Adelaide B737 - Melbourne to Coolangatta B737 - Melbourne to Canberra
B747 - Melbourne to Christchurch NZ B737 - Adelaide to Alice Springs B737 - Adelaide to Canberra B737 - Adelaide to Brisbane
B737 - Brisbane to Rockhampton B777 - Brisbane to Darwin B737 - Perth to Geraldton BE350* - Perth to Albany to Esperance
B747 - Perth to Melbourne B777 - Darwin to Dili / East Timor LR45 - Darwin to Tindal B777- Cairns to Darwin
B737 - Cairns to Brisbane B777 - Hamilton Island to Sydney B737 - Hamilton Island to Cairns B737 - Townsville to Brisbane
B737 - Rockhampton to Brisbane B737 - Maroochydore to Sydney B737 - Hobart to Launceston B737 - Launceston to Melbourne
B737 - Alice Springs to Darwin B737 - Kalgoorlie to Perth LR45 - Williamtown to Amberley B747 - Christchurch NZ to Sydney
BE350* - Coolangatta to Williamtown BE350* - Albury to Sydney C182RG - Albury to Moorabbin C182RG - Archerfield to Coffs Harbour
C182RG - Essendon to Launceston C182RG - Tamworth to Bankstown C182RG - Parafield to Essendon C182S - Moorabbin to Bendigo
C182S - Bankstown to Bathurst C182S - Rottnest Island to Jandakot Mooney Bravo* - Bendigo to Parafield C208* - Broome to Kununarra
C172 - Mt Hotham to Cooma-Snowy Mts B747 - Sydney to Singapore BE58* - Wagga Wagga to Moruya * indicates a/c only available in FS Pro

Air Traffic Control voice modules,
Specially updated & converted for 'Flight Simulator 2002 & 2000'

Adelaide Albury Archerfield Alice Springs Bankstown
Brisbane Cairns Canberra Coolangatta Darwin
Essendon Hamilton Island Hobart Jandakot Launceston
Maroochydore Melbourne Moorabbin Parafield Perth
Rockhampton Sydney Tamworth Townsville -
ATC 'Centre' 'Flight Service'


bulletSystem Requirements:

bulletMicrosoft® Flight Simulator 2002 Standard or Professional Edition*, or
bulletMicrosoft® Flight Simulator 2000 Standard or Professional Edition*.
bulletAdobe® Acrobat® Reader® (included free of charge) is required to read the .PDF edited version of the Australian Aircraft Register.
bulletHardware as for Microsoft® Flight Simulator 2000 or 2002, plus an additional 13mb to 111mb of available hard-disk space (depending on installation preferences).
bulletMicrosoft® Windows® 95 or higher.

Microsoft, Windows, the Windows logo & MS-DOS are registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation.

Platform: Windows® 95 or higher.
Product code: P407
Cost: AU$49.95 (incl. GST in Australia)
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